Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meditation: Where to Begin

A friend asked me about meditation last night. She said that it was recommended to her that she try it, but she wasn't certain how to meditate or even where to start finding the information. "Don't worry," I told her, "I'll write out a few things for you and you can try what you think would be best."

I did not write an extremely detailed list of meditation how-to's, since that would result in a book. What I did write, however, was a simple list of various types of meditation techniques that people have used throughout the ages. Hopefully this helps. Feel free to email me your questions.

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  1. I like your piece on meditation. I met you and your husband at the VA Living Museum a few years ago at a talk given by an author on children and nature. We were all sitting at the same dinner table and we exchanged business cards. Anyway, my husband and I are looking for a real estate agent now and this is how I discovered your website. Although our meeting was brief, you and your husband left a good impression on us. Shame that you are no longer in real estate (for us), but that is great to see you are pursuing your passion. Best of luck! Tina