Saturday, December 31, 2011

To Find A Ghost

I don’t really know lots about ghost hunting, and what I do know is mostly gleaned from instinct. I write about ghosts in my books, but so far it’s all been fiction. I do know that the dead often visit loved ones in their dreams, I know that the newly departed sometimes hover near those left behind, and I know that a haunting can happen for any number of reasons. If, for instance, I’d been murdered, I’d be a little upset, and would probably hover for a while, trying to set things right. Or if I didn’t know I was dead, I’d spend some time trying to get used to that particular state of being. Well, it looks like I’m going to get a big lesson in ghost hunting next week when I embark on a night of waiting for visitations. I’ll be working with R.T.L. Paranormal, a local investigation group that seems to really have their act together. Here’s a quote from their FaceBook page: The best advice I can give someone who is starting out as a paranormal investigator is this: Don't drink the Koo-Aid. Just because para-stars on TV says something, that doesn't necessarily mean that it is golden. Don't be a sheep, come up with your own thoughts, beliefs and theories. Remember, your brain and your instincts are the best tools any investigator can have. –Ray Okay, so far I really love these guys. I just hope I don’t mess up their investigation by: a. Attracting every ghost in a ten mile radius to the location, causing a spirit highway back-up; b. Unknowingly setting off alarms, resulting in police presence; c. Tripping and falling, knocking the cameras down just as an entity fully materializes; d. Becoming the TSTL girl. If you don’t know what that is, email me and I’ll explain it. Stay tuned for updates on the first ghost hunt of the year for me…


  1. JEALOUS!!! What does TSTL mean btw?? :)


  2. Hi Cindy!
    TSTL means 'too stupid to live'... it's actually a movie term for that girl that trips and falls and gets devoured by the ghost/demon/ serial killer. =)


  3. I am Ray Savino, founder of RTL Paranormal and I must say, it was an honor to have Narielle with us! Narielle, you can hunt with RTL Paranormal anytime! Just say when!! I am so looking forward to our future endeavors!