Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Reason for the Story

I believe that we are intimately connected to each other through our stories. Isn’t it in our nature to tell each other the details of our lives? Do we not reach for the phone when something happens so we can share this ‘thing’, good or bad?

If you think about it, we spend much of our lives telling our story to others. Even if it’s just an end-of-the-day review to our partner or friend, we are driven to communicate what happened.

This is what nourishes us, the stories we tell each other or read become the fuel for our souls. When I think about the books I’ve read in my lifetime I know that it was not just about my need to jump into someone else’s world, it was my need to know someone else’s story. It was about my need to know I wasn’t alone.

Reading books is how I learned about so much of the world.

Stories provide a mirror for us to look into and assess and let us know we share a connection. Stories illustrate that we are not alone in our experiences and reactions in life.

Most importantly, stories heighten our understanding of being human.

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