Monday, June 20, 2011

Signs of the South

A new job, a new home, and a ghost that won’t let her sleep until she solves a murder.

This is not what Ella Giancetti has in mind when she accepts a college teaching position and relocates. Moving from Connecticut to Virginia, Ella quickly learns of the many cultural differences separating the North from the South, from her first taste of sweet tea to the true meaning of ‘bless your heart’. Adjusting to all this while dealing with incessant phone calls from her sister Lisa and trying to figure out why someone is spray painting spiteful messages on her new house is a little overwhelming. At least there’s a handsome police officer hanging around.

When Ella wakes to find a ghost in her house she decides enough is enough. She’s going to need to find out how the ghost became a ghost if she ever wants to have a peaceful night in her new home. Unfortunately, finding out why is going to take more than a few Internet searches. Unearthing the mystery of this ghost means delving into a town’s long ago past where racial lines were sharply drawn and injustices were a way of life.

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