Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Trial Highlights May 19, 2015

Yesterday’s trial continued with only two witnesses: Lt. Scott Little of the Gloucester Sheriff’s Department and Dr. Owsley of the Smithsonian Institute.

Lt. Little testified about forensic examination of digital pictures and answered a number of questions related to how to determine if a picture has been tampered with. He spoke about the date/time stamp that is attached to a picture and what it all means.

Dr. Owsley testified about the remains of the child found under the shed. His testimony was moving and at times difficult to watch. He displayed photos of the baby boy assumed to be Connor Scott, but the defense argued that it had not been established that these pictures were indeed baby Connor.

It was difficult to see the baby, a slight, dark haired infant being held by his mother, on the floor with the family dog, and dressed in a little onesie. We knew his fate, but seeing him in the box that was his final resting place was stomach-churning.

Learning that he spent most of his life on his back, and as a result had a flatness to his occipital bone, a deformity, kept me awake last night.

“The child shows extreme evidence of under nutrition…this is a very underweight child,” Dr. Owsley said.

I had to leave the trial to get my own children after school, as I didn’t have child care that day. I didn’t see any emotion from either Brian or Shannon, but the news report in the Daily Press this morning ( tells of Shannon breaking down and sobbing.

I did not see her cry. The most I saw her do was sit at the front table and read a book.


  1. I can't believe the news said she broke down and cried!! They left the court before I did and I never saw her cry!! She was reading a book for a portion of the testimony or looking at the pictures as if she was at a boring lecture....never behaving as a grieving mother!!

  2. I assumed it had happened after I left, but now I wonder. There was only one reporter left when we walked out around 3:20. And yes, I watched her do the same thing, looking bored.

  3. Evil people can be emotionally complex as well. I'm sure your book will be that much better if the Gores are something more than one-dimensional monsters.

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